Ang Probinsyano January 11, 2017


Ang Probinsyano January 11, 2017

Cardo, muling nakausap ang Ama ni Makmak sa kulungan. Ang Probinsyano January 11, 2017 … Tomas, kinuha sa kanyang grupo ang bagong pasok na preso.Coco said he was thrilled to work with one of his idols, action star Cesar Montano, who recently guested on the show as a hitman. “Before we started taping, I felt so nervous that I was really shaking. It was because while observing him, I realized that I still have a long way to go as an actor. I still have a lot to learn. What’s good about Kuya Buboy (Cesar’s nickname) is that he is very giving. He willingly shared his ideas with me,” Coco recalled.

He added: “From talking to him, I learned how much he loves his craft and the action genre. I also learned how much he cares for people he works with, like the stunt men and fight choreographers. We got to chat about a lot of things, including concepts for possible projects together.”

He further said that meeting child stars Simon Pineda, who plays Onyok, and McNeal Briguela, also known as Makmak, was like striking gold. “Simon auditioned for the role of Junior (Ador’s son) but didn’t get it. He was only 4 and had no idea about acting. As he was about to step out of the audition room, he told everyone: ‘Kunin n’yo ako ha?’ He surprised everyone. Ang angas ng dating!

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