Bakit lahat ng guwapo may boyfriend?! (2016) Full HD720p


Bakit lahat ng guwapo may boyfriend?! (2016)

Bakit lahat ng guwapo may boyfriend?! (2016)



Kylie, a wedding planner, who has had a string of boyfriends. Unfortunately for her, all of them have turned out to be a gay including Benj, her first boyfriend. On the upside, some of them have become good friends. In fact, Benj became one of her best friends, on top of being a business partner in a wedding planning venture. Because of her “luck” with men, she comes to believe that she will never find a real guy. Everyone she will get attracted to will eventually come out as gay. This theory gets put to the test when she meets Diego, Benj’s childhood best friend and secret love, with whom she gets easily smitten. Egged on by Benj, Kylie sets out to prove that she’s right again – that Diego, who is engaged to be married to a beautiful and classy lady, is indeed another closet case.

Jun Lana’s Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?! opens during a wedding ceremony, with Kylie (Anne Curtis), the wedding’s busy planner, bitterly breaking the fourth wall in an effort to set the right mood for something that feels like a farce, until you see through to the smart second layer.

It is the wedding of Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, and her ex-boyfriend is marrying another man. In fact, all of Kylie’s ex-boyfriends are later revealed to be gay. Her experiences have given her the skill to detect whether a certain man is really straight, according to the story.

The plot is obviously carved from formula, and this time, it isn’t exactly a bad thing. The movie needs to be familiar and agreeable, even to the point of it being seemingly frivolous. While there are parts in the movie that feel like they have been concocted on a whim, the movie never feels like there is no design in its unabashed silliness.

Rates : 6

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