Encantadia January 11, 2017


Encantadia January 11, 2017

Encantadia Full Complete Episode 

Encantadia January 11, 2017 returns as a “requel,a word coined by the network to describe the way it’s written part Remake and part-sequel.Still, the story revolves around the mystical realm Encantadia,

where peace reigns with the help of four precious stones representing earth, wind,water and fire.

Protectors of these gemstones are the sister/diwata warriors called Sang’gres Amihan (Kylie Padilla),

Alena (Gabbi Garcia), Danaya (Sanya Lopez) and Pirena (Glaiza de Castro).

They are also heiresses to the throne of Ynang Reyna Minea (Marian Rivera).

According to Doctolero, the film will have new faces and story arcs.

At the same time, it will tie up loose ends from the Books 1, 2 and 3 of the Encantadia from over a decade ago.


“There are new twists.

Mga hindi pinakita before,

makikita dito.

I think the beauty of a remake is that

we get to see our past mistakes and correct them.”

Unlike the original series that opened with the human world,

the requel’s narrative plunges right into the goings-on at Encantadia.

There’s a brewing romance, rivalry,

enemy force and war.

Immediately introduced are new characters like the first Pirena Sunshine Dizon as Adhara this time.

There’s another Amihan played by Max Collins.

(Yes, there are two Amihans but be sure not to miss

the pilot so as to know their connection.)

During the press screening, a game app was launched.

Game of Thrones Season 1 star Conan Stevens was also presented as a future cast member.

No word yet on what his character will be.



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