Till I Met You January 11, 2017


Till I Met You January 11, 2017

Till I Met You Series (2016) Jadine HD 720p all episode

Till I Met You This series also marked the return of James Reid-Nadine Lustre (JaDine) tandem’s TV appearance since

On the Wings of Love, when it was premiered one year ago and concluded seven months ago.

The romantic comedy follows the story of three friends — Sebastian, a boy; Iris, a girl; and Alejandro, a closeted homosexual – who eventually fall in love with each other and find themselves in an unusual love triangle.

Frustrated with their parents bickering over their upcoming wedding, Basti and Iris decided to storm off. Overcome by their emotions, the two started passionately making out at the back of their best friend’s car.

Teasingly framed, the steamy sex scene that followed featured shots of Basti slowly taking off Iris’ bra, and more hot moments from the pair, leaving their fans online hungry for more. The show’s official hashtag was the top trending topic on Twitter worldwide, drawing more than a million tweets.

But not everything that happened in the episode was rosy.

After having sex, Iris admitted feeling guilt, considering that she saw the struggles of her mother, Cass (Carmina Villaroel), who gave birth to her out of wedlock.

Completely ignoring the tiny detail that their parents have yet to give them their blessing, the best solution the two crazed lovebirds came up with was to push the date of their marriage forward. Predictably, this did not sit well with Cass, who resorted to giving her daughter the cold-shoulder treatment.

Taking a hint, Iris went off with Basti once more.

The supposedly fun graduation turned into a surprise reunion of Nestor’s (Zoren Legaspi) women — Val (Angel Aquino), Agnes (Pokwang), and Cass (Carmina Villaroel).

The reunion went well at first, since the womenhave not seen one another for almost two decades. But as soon as Nestor entered the scene, the riot began.

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